Pope BScharbach II and War Minister Legoman EXPOSE Mercs for MULTILOGGING! – InfoWars #1337 – Operation MercFallen!

“The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  – Winston Churchill



The Mercs have continuously shown themselves to be an untrustworthy force eager to go to any length to artificially inflate their numbers. This conduct can be traced back to the year 2020, when IKKA, aka Mercs leader Bull Hour openly established the Tiger Warriors as a “1ip army.” (An army of multilogs run off of one IP.) 

The Mercs were also among the first armies to arrive in Yukon, a CPPS known for its multilogging activities. Despite the fact that the CPPS had been sanctioned by CPAHQ, they continued to use it, reaching a size of 20. Their size dropped immediately after switching to CPAB, yet even with the decline, we discovered evidence of additional cheating. Recent developments have provided actual proof in the form of CPAB’s multilogging detection system, reinforcing the Mercs guilt that they have been denying for so long. 

I would also like to give a special thanks to all who helped this investigation.
Pope BScharbach II of Club Penguin
War Minister Legoman
The Soldier

Remember the connected accounts when you look at the screenshots below.

Apple1 and MerryMagda are connected, along with Orange69 and Apple1, and Bull and Redwine. That’s not all though.

Notice how Chayun posted this event picture, yet is logged into Zastuy123? Look at the blue circle under the penguin. Now you’ll see here that they’re logged into their Chayun account.

Here’s more pictures of them together at events.

We’re elated to finally expose the Mercs’ disturbing nature and their underhanded attempts at cheating in Club Penguin Armies. We hope they will admit to their incapacity to perform decently in our community fairly after being exposed.

Before I end off, here is a review of the terms for this war. Agreed upon and decided in our declaration, which you can read HERE

Due to multilogging being a blatant breach of our conditions of war, with these findings..

The Magma Clan of Club Penguin declares TOTAL VICTORY against the Mercs. Their obvious cheating should not stand in this community, and we trust our efforts to expose ill-gotten gains in Club Penguin will not be in vain.

If Bull Hour or any other Mercs officials believe they can disprove our findings, we gladly welcome them to do so privately or publicly. We sincerely wish that we were incorrect, as any form of cheating is reprehensible. Sadly, evidence suggests otherwise.

Pope BScharbach II of Club Penguin

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