The Great Simp War

Due to me being an irrelevant motherfucker you probably haven’t read my manifesto I wrote as I joined Secret Service as Leader in Training so here it is.
It’s pretty long and since no one in this community has any sort of attention span I’ll sum it up by saying that I like wars.

Casus Belli

The Mercenaries are probably one the weirdest armies we’ve had since RFCP. Their autism is far more destructive than what Magma Clan has. They are simps, creeps and don’t know how to run a safe community. Speaking of simps:

Sorry you guys can’t bench 400 like when and pick up pussy on the fly. Maybe if I was that pathetic I would do that too, but I’m better than that.

Not only this but they’re also fucking creeps. To stop their creepiness from getting out they literally have age roles in their server so they won’t be accused for pedophilia, but clearly that hasn’t worked out has it.


  1. Allies and dual enlists are allowed
  2. Multilogging, hacking, and doxxing is not allowed in this war
  3. All battles must be judged by CPAJ official judges
  4. War will be stopped if Mercs agree to merge into Magma Clan
  5. Any proof of multilogging or war terms above and below being broken must be examined and resolved by CPAJ.
  6. The losing side of the war must accept a treaty from the winning side
  7. No running away!

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